About Us & Our Work

Dave Johnson – President

Dave is a 5000 + Hour Pilot holding Commercial, Instrument, Multiengine, Instructor and Seaplane Ratings along with an Airframe & Powerplant License with Inspection Authorization.. His commitment is to run a first class operation where the customer’s expectations are consistently exceeded.

Commitment to Service

Every staff member at Palm Beach Aircraft Services is an experienced professional. Our primary purpose is to serve the customer. This common goal inspires a team effort and ensures a better work flow process, higher moral, and a quality job for the customer.  Stop in and say “Hello” – you will see and feel the difference!

Quality – More Than “Good Work”

Quality consists of accuracy, timeliness, as well as budget considerations. Focus on any one of these elements at the expense of the other and quality suffers. At Palm Beach Aircraft Services we not only strive for “good work,” but feel it is necessary to ensure exemplary service as well.

Customer Satisfaction – Doing it Right

When you have as much experience as Palm Beach Aircraft services, it is easy to please our customers. However, every customer deserves even more. Our results eliminate the root cause of an issue so it will not be repeated. This is the only way we operate.  This attitude allows us to provide the highest of quality and integrity to each of our clients.